Solo performance „Bella Italia“ mandolin player mandolinist Stephan Keane

Neapolitan maestro Raffaele Calace was the most renowned composer
of mandolin music during the romantic era.
It was during this time that the musical style ballo liscio,
the equivalent to salon music, emerged.


Ballo Liscio was brought by Italian immigrants to New York and then to San Fransisco
where a lively Italo American ballo liscio scene was established.
Each block represented an Italian region. The typical Italian plucked string music was heard
in public dance halls and coffee houses. The Café Trieste still exists as a venue for ballo liscio musicians. A peculiar tradition was the barbershop music, where passersby would gather in front of a barbershop to listen to the music.

The music styles of ballo liscio include mazurkas, waltzes, polkas, marches, tarantellas
and also Latin American music (tangos, paso dobles, rhumbas) which was the upcoming fad. Some Italian musicians even assumed Spanish sounding names to meet the new demand.

mandolin player berlin instrumentalist


If you are looking for some exquisite dinner music,
a highlight at a wedding ceremony
or anniversary, or just a unique gift for people
with a special taste,
then I could be the one who brings the almost forgotten mandolin magic back to life again…

...with Italian salon music
garnished with Italian folk and compositions
of the famous Neapolitan mandolin master
Raffaele Calace.


Subdued or lively, never interfering . 
Instead sensitive and pleasant,
and always life-affirming. 


Songs include:

La Sisina - Polka,

Polka del Dorin, Scugnizza,

 Graziella - waltz,

L’Alborella - waltz,

Vulcano – Gran Valzer,

Tra Veglia E Sonno,

Carnevale Di Venezia,

Tarantella op.18,

Piccola Gavotta,

Reverence, Czardas,

Petite Vals,

Bouquet of Flowers,

Serenata a Ballo,

L’Ultimo Amore,

Costumi Siciliani,

la Bizzosa – mazurka,

Polka Variata,

La Cesarina – Mazurka.