Bella Figura will make you dream

The music duo Bella Figura offers you an atmospheric treat with accordion, mandolin and vocals: 
Lively and languorous Italian and Italo-German acoustic music as a mixture of Italian evergreens,
spirited tarantellas and polkas, as well as German evergreens from the 50s and 60s,
which convey the longing for Italy, the sun, the sea and the stars.

Be it at an anniversary of a company,
a silver- or golden wedding,
an Italian evening,
'a birthday celebration or a city fair --
people always like to sing or dance to our music.

Some of our songs include:
Santa Lucia, O Sole Mio, Mandolinen und Mondschein, Capri-Fischer, Rot ist der Wein,
Ein Schiff wird kommen, Chianti Lied, Ciao Ciao Bambina, Funiculi Funicula,
Auf Wiedersehn, Ah Marie, Erinnerung an Sorrent, Florentinische Nächte,
Buonasera Signorina, Zwei Kleine Italiener, Comme Facette Mammeta, Azzuro.  

On our website you can find an audio sample, photos and additional information.